Overseas Pharmacists in Australia

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Let's go through the steps of how you can become an Australian Pharmacist

Step 1 - Get your pharmacy degree assessed

Check if your pharmacy degree is acceptable in Australia. For that, you will need to request a skill assessment check by APC (Australian Pharmacy Council)

Where are you from?

UK, Ireland, USA or Canada
New Zealand
Other countries

Step 2 - Sit for pharmacist exam


Step 3 - Start internship, pass all exams and be a registered pharmacist.

Once you passed the KAPS or COAP exam, we are happy to connect you to an Australian Pharmacy as an intern with sponsorship.

This is a FREE service and we will help you to coordinate registration and paperwork for visa, travel and accomodation. Limited spot!

The above steps are the most crucial ones to start with and not a complete guidance to rely on. Though financial and time investments as well as determination are essential, at the end of the tunnel is a very rewarding career of a lifetime and remuneration of up to AU$200,000 annual salary or more if you took an ownership responsibility.


Let's get you answers. We recommend reviewing the frequently asked questions. If you don't find what you're looking for, get in touch with us.

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