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Our website will only collect, store or use your information to enhance the services we do provide to you.

These information may include the following but is not limited to:

  • Full name
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  • Qualification details
  • Work experiences details
  • Career achievements

- We would never sell any of your information to any company. However, we may disclose any data to a third party in case there is a need as to the service you may need.

- We may also need to release data in case there is a legal order by state or federal law.

- We may verify the information you give to us in relation to the service we provide to you.

- We will do our best to protect your personal information from any misuse, loss or unauthorised access.

- Links are provided on our website and we are not responsible for the linked website’s privacy practices and we may NOT be affiliated to them. The links were provided as we believe it may be of use to you

- We do not keep any credit card details as payment will be directed and processed by or Stripe. You may need to check their privacy policy.

- A third party may indirectly collect, store or use your data by affiliating with us. As such, this privacy policy only covers our own and not that of the third party.

- Due to the use of internet and phone line as means of communication and transmission of data, we can not guarantee the security of your information at all times. However, in case of any breach of privacy, we will notify you as soon as possible.

- We will also only collect, store or use the minimum information needed to give you the best service that you may require.

- Lastly, you release us of any liabilities from any losses, damages, expenses, moral, physical, emotional or any type of harm, loss or burden you may incur arising directly, indirectly, incidental, consequential or however caused from collecting, storing or using your personal information or any situations in scope of this privacy policy.

If you have any concerns regarding this privacy policy, please send an email to

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